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Logo of Aistila

We provide research and training services in sensory evaluation and market research. Our services give tools for R&D, marketing and product quality management.

Logo of Flavoria

Flavoria® is the University of Turku’s multidisciplinary research platform for producing new scientific knowledge and consumer understanding for sustainable development of the society and business. This unique lunch restaurant, café, and snack shop serves around 1,000 customers every day and simultaneously acts as a continuous research and development laboratory.

Logo of Auria Biobank

Auria Biobank is Finland’s first biobank. Approximately one million samples are stored in the biobank and used for medical research in connection with Turku University Hospital and the University of Turku.

Logo of Auria Clinical Informatics

Auria Clinical Informatics organizes, harmonizes and maintains the data accumulating from the treatment of patients in the commensurated data warehouse at the Hospital District of Southwest Finland.

Logo of Drug Development and Diagnostics

Drug development and diagnostics is a common research profiling area of the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University funded by the Academy of Finland. The purpose of this website is to introduce research groups from both universities that are working in the drug development and/or diagnostics field.

Logo of Digital Health Technology Unit

Our mission is to discover, invent and innovate new solutions for saving lives and making life more liveable.

Logo of HealthTechLab at Turku University of Applied Sciences

TUAS Health Tech Lab and research group of Health Technology offer RDI and education services related to well-being technology and gaming applications, systems and processes to provide human-centric services that support and maintain people’s well-being, health and functional capacity.

Icon of LiiLab Sports Lab at Turku University of Applied Sciences

LiiLab offers sports clubs and individual athletes services that promote and optimize training and recovery, as well as post-injury rehabilitation monitoring. Students at Turku University of Applied Sciences produce services under the guidance of qualified teachers.

Logo of Biocity Turku

BioCity Turku is an umbrella organization supporting and coordinating life science and molecular medicine related research in the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University.

Logo of Instrument Centre at University of Turku

The Instrument Centre serves as a shared facility for the Department of Chemistry at the University of Turku and the Department of Science at Åbo Akademi University. With 5 modern NMR instruments and a sophisticated mass spectrometer, the Centre is one of the best equipped educational NMR/MS facilities in Finland.

Logo of The Hospital District of Southwest Finland

The Clinical Trials Unit at the Turku University Hospital emergency clinic is capable of housing demanding early-phase clinical trials in a safe environment.

Icon of The Centre for Population Health Research

Centre for Population Health Research, whose goal is to promote health and well-being by enhancing research and development work on clinic-epidemiological population research, is a joint centre established by the University of Turku and the Hospital District of Southwest Finland.

Logo of Functional Foods Forum

Functional Foods Forum brings together the multidisciplinary expertise for the research and development of high-quality and healthy foods of the future.

Logo of Turku Bioimaging

Turku BioImaging is a broad-based, interdisciplinary science and infrastructure umbrella.

Logo of Turku Centre for Disease Modellin

Turku Center for Disease Modeling is a research and research service organisation at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Turku.

Logo of Turku Bioscience

Turku Bioscience (previously known as Turku Centre for Biotechnology) is an advanced core facility and research centre hosted jointly by University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University.

Logo of Bioanalytical Laboratory

The Bioanalytical Laboratory conducts quantitative analysis of preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetic and biomarker samples in a GLP-certified environment.

Logo of Turku Cliical Biomaterials Centre

TCBC provides modern research infrastructure and highly skilled laboratory staff for local researchers and international visiting scientists.

Turku PET Centre is a Finnish National Research Institute for the use of short-lived positron emitting isotopes in the field of medical research.

Logo of FICAN West

The Western Cancer Centre (FICAN West) guarantees high-quality cancer treatment and research in the hospital districts of Southwest Finland, Satakunta and Vaasa.

The Industrial Physics Laboratory has over 30 years’ experience in pharmaceutical research in collaboration of national and international pharma companies. The laboratory is equipped with extensive thermoanalytical instrumentation (TG, DTA, SMA, DSC, isothermal microcalorimetry) and X-ray diffraction equipments.

Logo of Kunnonkoti Model Environment

Kunnonkoti is a model home for showcasing accessible living solutions.