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National Health Sector Growth Strategy

The Personalized Medicine project is the government’s flagship project to strengthen competitiveness in health care. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health promotes the implementation of the health sector growth strategy by supporting the establishment of the national centres of excellence. The objective is that the National Genome Centre, the National Cancer Centre, the Neurocentre Finland, the National Drug Development Centre and the FINBioBank cooperative will establish their operating models and funding in 2021–2023.

The centres will help in implementing the health sector growth strategy and strengthen national research, development and innovation activities. Health Campus Turku has an active role in the national networks developing the health care system.

Auria Biobank and the Finnish Biobank Cooperative

Auria Biobank is Finland’s first biobank. Approximately one million samples are stored in the biobank and used for medical research. All Finnish biobanks are part of the sample infrastructure regulated by society and together they have founded a joint Finnish Biobank Cooperative.

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FICAN West and the National Cancer Center

The western cancer centre FICAN West conducts wide-ranging research in cancer treatment, diagnostics and drug development. Close collaboration with researchers at University of Turku and companies in the field of drug development and diagnostics ensures the high-level of research. FICAN West is one of the regional centres in the national Cancer Center network.

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Neurocenter Finland

Neurocenter Finland is a key project in the Finnish government’s strategy for research and innovation in the field of health. The aim of the national collaboration is to promote the Finland’s high-quality expertise in the field of neuroscience.

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Drug Development Centre

The preparation of the national Drug Development Centre is currently in process.

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