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The HCT 2.0 project reinforces the Health Campus Turku network and develops the research and innovation collaboration with companies. HCT is a significant multidisciplinary knowledge cluster within medicine, social and health care and technology. The four work packages of the project represent the highlights of the Finnish health excellence.

The “HCT 2.0” project facilitates and strengthens the Health Campus Turku test-platform offering to companies, third sector partners and public bodies. The project consists of four work packages with special emphasis in intelligent use of data. These all aim to develop test platforms and data analysis services that meet the needs of companies and public actors. In addition, HCT administrative support actions will be developed.


The actions are divided into different spearhead packages as follows:

WP1: Building a center of expertise for the physical activity of children and youth (Lasten ja Nuorten liikunnan osaamiskeskus)

WP2: Data operating environment: Enabling and extending the use of health data

WP3: Data services for complex data analysis and interpretation

WP4: Test platform operations: Evaluating and developing the maturity of test platforms and administrative support


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HCT 2.0 project is funded by the Academy of Finland under the call ‘Special funding for RDI partnership networks’ for 2020-2022.

The funding supports research-based partnership networks where higher education institutions and government research institutes network with business and industry to enhance the societal impact of high-quality research. The actions funded serve to strengthen and deepen existing collaborative networks or build and experiment with new forms of cooperation.