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Welcome to the Health Campus event at Sibelius museum 23 November 2021

Welcome to the Health Campus Turku event at Sibelius museum 23 November 2021!

Here is the link for the event live stream (No registration needed to follow the live stream)

Come and meet with people, connect and hear the campus stories, latest news and health campus project achievements accompanied by coffee, drinks and music. The programme is in Finnish apart from the conductor performance at the end. All the presentation slides will be in English.

The goal of the event is to strengthen the campus community and cooperation by allowing the people to meet and connect.  At the same time, we want to highlight the power of cooperation. The invitation is open to the whole Health Campus Turku network and cooperation partners.

You can find the online registration form here. The event is organized in hybrid format. We are able to host 145 people at the museum.



Health Campus coordinator Taina Nordgren will act as the moderator for the event.

13.00-13.30   Welcome coffee

13.30-13.50   Health Campus Turku – Power of cooperation

  Leena Setälä, Development Manager, Health Campus Turku/VSSHP

  Pekka Hänninen, Dean, University of Turku

13.50-14.20  HCT 2.0 partnership project – building a stronger Health Campus

  Ursula Hyrkkänen, Principal Senior Lecturer, Turku UAS

  Arho Virkki, Chief Data Officer, Auria Clinical Informatics

  Pasi Kankaanpää, Head of Biological Imaging, Turku Bioimaging

  Eva Collanus, Project Researcher, University of Turku

14.20-14.50   TERVA project: The campus door is open for business cooperation!

  Elina Kontio, Principal Lecturer, Turku UAS

  Eriikka Siirala, Teamleader, VSSHP

14.50-15.30  Meet and greet with drinks

15.30-15.45   SPARK Finland: Mentors and a network to cultivate your idea!

  Thomas Lemström, Business Design Advisor, SPARK Finland

15.45-16.00  Pro Health Growth – business growth programme

  Tom Palenius, acting CEO, Turku Science Park Ltd

16.00-17.00   In the lead – the pathway of a young conductor

  Tarmo Peltokoski, Conductor

  Introduction by Pasi Sorvisto, Director, SPARK Finland

  Musicians Samuel Eriksson and Mikael Loponen

New innovations and top research needs courage, persistence and creativity combined with skillful management of a multidisciplinary team of experts to reach the desired goals.

17.00   Closing words


Welcome to enjoy and connect!

We reserve the rights to programme changes.

We follow the latest covid-19 guidelines of our Health Campus Turku partner organisations and Sibelius museum at the event: Sibelius museum, University of Turku, Turku UAS, Åbo akademi, Novia.


More information:

Taina Nordgren
Health Campus Turku
Tel: +358 40 355 0421