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Turku Proteomics facility is located in Biocity building in Turku Bioscience Centre, which is an advanced core facility and research centre hosted jointly by University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. The facility is supported by Biocenter Finland.
Asiakas The service is targeted to all researchers and industry who need mass spectrometry –based proteomics analyses
Kesto Typical turn-around-time is 2-4 weeks, but for large projects (100s of samples) the measurements take more time.
Hinta Pricing information is available at
Aloitus Samples can be submitted on all weekdays immediately after agreeing on the service
Kuvaus Turku proteomics facility offers advanced mass spectrometry –based proteomics analyses, sample preparation service, and consultation. The available services include:
-Quantitative shotgun (DDA, DIA, TMT) and targeted (SRM, PRM, SureQuant) proteomics
-Thermal proteome profiling (CETSA, PISA)
-Analysis of post-translational modifications
-Intact protein analysis
-Cross-linking mass spectrometry
-Single-cell proteomics (SCoPE2)More information about the facility and instruments can be found on our webpage: