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Test platform operations: Evaluating and developing the maturity of test platforms and administrative support

The most concrete way to bring healthcare services and innovation actions together are the testbeds. These services act as forums of co-creation, where new ideas and solutions, and the sharpest “edge” of clinical expertise meet. The growth to support new innovations and the creation of new exportable business can be facilitated only by bringing the health service providers and the business life closer together. In this, the healthcare testbeds are of the essence.

The purpose of this WP is to investigate how the maturity of the testbeds can be assessed and increased in order to create a thriving innovation ecosystem, and co-creation culture throughout the HCT and beyond.

The framework for this WP is the recently launched TERTTU platform of the Health Campus Turku. TERTTU brings together the healthcare testbeds and provides a potential way for creating complementing services across the organizational boundaries, thus resulting in a better “business match”.

The concrete actions in this work package are:

1) Review: Collecting different, up-to-date maturity models and methods used for improving maturity by using literature survey and expert interview.

2) Select: Selection of maturity models, and improvement methods that have the best “fit for purpose” in terms of chosen domain (health), testbed service providers, and national characteristics.

3) Apply: Application of chosen and possibly refined maturity models and improvement methods to testbeds. Collection of feedback and further refining the chosen models and methods.

4) Disseminate: Publishing the methods and models as reviewed scientific publications and through different testbed collaboration groups, such as the National Healthcare Testbed Group facilitated by Business Finland.