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Health Campus summer letter 2022

A well-deserved summer break is upon us and now is a good time to take a look back at all the achievements this spring. A huge thank you goes to all the campus members for the great cooperation and advancements within the field of health and wellbeing in the Turku area.

You are Health Campus Turku.

A warm thank you also on behalf of the steering group.

Summer greetings,

Director of Development Leena Setälä

The health ecosystem collaboration in the area of Turku has received noticeable attention and publicity and succeeded to draw a good amount of audience in the joint events this spring. Here are a few highlights of the joint successes:

  • HealthHub Finland received an EDIH status (European Digital Innovation Hub) in the beginning of June. The network will promote digitalization within the European companies and public actors. Turku Science Park is coordinating the collaboration and Auria Clinical Informatics is representing the know-how and expertise in Turku area.
  • Value-based health care seminar series continued in 2022 with two themes: How to manage efficiency? and Efficiency through data. Health Campus Turku also organized a seminar on Sustainability in the laboratories.
  • Health Campus Turku and REDISOTE-project organised two successful health and social care digital meeting points 23.3. and 27.4. for companies who received direct feedback of their product from dozens of experts in the field health and social care.
  • The Academy of Finland funded HCT 2.0 project’s Centre of Excellence of physical activity of children and youth organized a workshop 21.4. together with LIUKAS and REDISOTE projects. The event attracted 50 persons to discuss the development needs in the field of physical activity of children and youth.
  • A maturity measurement tool developed as part of the HCT 2.0 project reached a piloting stage in spring 2022. The tool has proved useful and gives the testbeds useful feedback on their development needs.
  • Design thinking for the patient’s best -course organized in collaboration by the University of Turku and Hospital District of Southwest Finland gathered 15 professionals and students from both organisations. The teams carried out projects to solve hospital driven challenges.
  • Health Campus Turku had a strong representation in the national Testbed network meeting in Tampere 12.-13.4.
  • The new TERTTU-service was launched 12.4. The improved service will give more detailed information of the collaboration needs and will speed up the process of finding the right collaboration partner within the Health Campus organisations.
  • Medisiina D Open day 3.5. attracted over 80 people. The day was hosted by the Health Campus Turku professionals and students. The event showcased the research and education activities, laboratories and premises at Medisiina D.
  • In the Research Support Morning Coffee event 13.5. the INVEST Flagship project manager Erika Lilja, Southwest Finland welfare area representative Mari Lahti, research manager of Turku Bioimaging Pasi Kankaanpää and Hospital District of Southwest Finland senior physician within research Päivi Rautava represented their views on the research support needs and possibilities in the new welfare area. The event was organized by Health Campus and Research Suppårt Turku -network.
  • network organised a Horizon Europe Cancer Hub meeting for the researchers 17.6. for 14 top researchers from different organisations.
  • Turku University of Applied Sciences, University of Turku and Hospital District of Southwest Finland organized a disaster drill based on a night club fire scenario 18.5. involving a great number of students and teachers from different fields and rescue professionals.
  • Health Campus Turku had a strong representation in the HIMSS event in June.
  • HCT 2.0 project video was released 15.6.2022.

In addition Health Campus has followed closely the welfare area preparations and has been actively involved in the planning of the Research, Education and Innovation -entity of the welfare area. The research, education and innovation work at Health Campus Turku has an essential role supporting the welfare area’s goal to provide evidence based, high-quality and effective social and health care services.

Save the date: Health Campus Turku event for the campus members and collaboration partners will be organized Tuesday 22.11.2022 afternoon. Technology Campus and Culture Campus are also represented in the event. Book the time in your calendar and come and join us to hear the campus news and meet with other campus actors!